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    Default e-mail address has virus

    Question as to what to do and where to go for help. I have friends who are telling me that my hotmail address is sending dirty e-mails and what not. I obviously haven't sent them. My whole contact list is receiving them.
    How do I fix this. Call in "Nerds on wheels" or stop using this hotmail address? I'm not a computer genius.

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    Default Be worried!

    I'm not sure that I'd say you've been “hacked into“, but my guess is that your email account has indeed been compromised - meaning that you probably have an on-line email account, free or otherwise, that someone has gained access too. By virtue of doing so they now have access not only to your email, but to your address book as well. It's all too common these days to hear of folks whose accounts have been compromised only to have all their friends get inundated with spam, threats, malicious emails or messages that try to impersonate you and scam your contacts out of money.

    To end it and make sure it doesnt happen again, any and all information that can be used to recover your account should be validated, removed or changed the instant you get your account back. That includes personal information, PINs, secret questions and and answers, alternate email addresses and more - anything that the system you're dealing with might use for account validation and recovery.

    If you don't, and the individual that hacked your account has even half a clue, it's very possible that you could recover your account only to find it hacked again.

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at
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