Hello Everybody!

Thanks for taking the time to read my first entry. I appreciate the opportunity to answer any concerns or questions you may have about your current and future Family Protection requirements.

My slogan, or 'motto' of 'Be Certain' stems from an experience of purchasing Life Insurance several years back. The agent at the time really pushed me in a direction that I thought was acceptable, only because I didn't understand what I was purchasing or what the purpose was... .

That was usually the case with any insurance I purchased. I was under the assumption that the agents and staff providing me with the coverage knew best. Truthfully, I was not certain.

When I first became involved with an agency, I quickly realized the mistakes that were made. Let me know if these sound familiar:

1) The agent pushed a product and never called me back
2) There was no relationship built
3) The opportunity to understand the service was fleeting
4) The company rarely reviewed my insurance

The direction for myself and the agency I am involved with is Relationship Focused. Now, you may say...'blah blah, heard it all before Mark', but the next step is the key.

That initial meeting, that first contact with a potential client is what sets the stage for building the relationship. After that meeting, and ONLY after that meeting will there be any discussion surrounding products or solutions. It must be clear to you and any client that their best interests are key. I actually want to know the hobbies and the interests and where the vacation spots are, what makes your family tick! Thats how a relationship starts?

I encourage you to contact me if you are not certain. and I will bring the Tim's Gift card...cause everyone likes free stuff!

Next topic, HOME BASED BUSINESS coverage...are you 'certain' you are covered??

Mark Ansara