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    Default General Forum Rules

    Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules. Please read them carefully.


    THIS IS A PUBLIC SITE. Please keep this in mind when making posts. We will not go back and delete things you have said and later regret. Be mindful of what you are posting.

    Please remember nothing is 100% private once you put it on the internet. Although we strive to maintain the highest level of confidentiality, there is always someone with access to almost everything on this site.

    Respect the authority of moderators. They're here to help out, so give them a break and follow the rules. The moderators and administration have the final word on the interpretation of all rules. The moderators and administration have the right to edit or remove any threads, posts or part thereof at their discretion.

    Public discussions of moderator actions are not allowed on the forum. It is also prohibited to protest moderator actions in forum posts, subjects, avatars and signatures. Any such protest will be deleted immediately without warning and the perpetrator will be given a cooling off period.

    If you don't like something a moderator did PM or email the moderator and resolve the problem in private.

    Moderators and Admin are clearly identified by the first line under their usernames.

    Admin: Leslie and Boo Radley. NOTE: Please do not pm Boo Radley with forum issues. Please direct any concerns or questions to Leslie.
    Super Moderators: Dawn, Happily Ever After, AuntPetunia and JT Mom
    Moderators: ChinUp, Kathy M and One Ordinary Girl
    Social Guru: Sweetsteps (Facebook and Twitter)

    Your account is for YOU

    Your account is for your use only. You may use your account to post your opinions, thoughts, and views within the guidelines stated on this page. You may NOT use your account to post for people who are not members, have been banned, or have had their posting permissions removed. You may not grant others access to your account. You are accountable for all posts made on your account. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this forum, any related websites to this forum, its staff, and its subsidiaries. The owners of this forum also reserve the right to reveal your identity or any other related information in the event of a formal complaint or legal action arising from any situation caused by use of this forum.

    We do not delete accounts upon request.

    If you no longer want your account on please do not log in again. Account maintenance is done yearly and all accounts with 2 years of inactivity are deleted at that time. Requests and/or demands will not speed up this process.

    Spam is not tolerated.Spam is considered posting topics or messages on our forums that contain no point, relevance, or contain subject matter that doesn't directly allow other member participation. Posts in threads that have NOTHING to do with the subject matter are considered spam and will be deleted on sight. Contributing to/or intentionally posting spam will not be tolerated. EXCESSIVE Bumping of posts without significantly adding to the thread is not necessary or acceptable. Bumps may be deleted and warnings may be issued.

    No “Trolling“ or starting discussions intentionally meant to “stir things up“ or get other people upset. Trolls will be banned immediately.

    No links to undesirable sites (i.e. pornographic, hate literature, indecent material or any site that the Admin deem inappropriate).

    Keep the focus.Each forum has a focus on a certain topic. Questions outside the scope of a certain forum will either be moved to the appropriate forum, closed, or simply be deleted. Please post your topic in the most appropriate forum.

    No soliciting for membership of other forums or websites of a similar or competitive nature with LondonMoms.

    You will not post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy (including private messages and reputation/comments), or otherwise violates any law.

    No copyrighted material is to be posted unless the copyright is owned by you or by this forum.

    Multiple accounts are not permitted. When you join, create one account. Be certain you are satisfied with your forum name and keep it. If you need to change your user name, please contact Admin. This will not be done more than once and will only be done on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances so please make sure you are satisfied with your username. We ask that you include your old username in your signature for a period of one month in order for other members to adjust with the exception of situations where safety is a concern. Admin will use their judgement with this rule.

    You may not post threads designed to solicit votes for contests or anything similiar. You may however add something to your signature letting people know you are interested in their support.


    Private messages are like emails within the LondonMoms community. They are meant for the eyes of the sender and receiver only. Posting anywhere (on or off of or forwarding received private messages without the consent of the sender is extremely poor etiquette and if deemed to be done maliciously will result in banning.

    The rules of posting on the forum also apply to private messages. Keep it clean, kind and spam-free. Violating this will not be tolerated and offenders will be banned.

    If you receive offensive or spammerific private messages, please contact Admin or a Super Moderator immediately. Do not click links in a private message unless you know and trust the sender. LondonMoms is not responsible for viruses received through careless clicking.

    Neither Moderators, nor Super Moderators, nor Admin have the ability to read your private messages. Admin DOES have the ability to delete all of your private messages (without reading them) in certain circumstances.


    Advertising and solicitations are NOT permitted.
    If you are interested in advertising a business or service on the forum, please contact for information and prices.

    Advertising is not permitted anywhere on the site other than the paid locations that are provided by Admin. Any unauthorized advertising of businesses or other competing forums will be deleted and you may be banned.

    We have many forum sponsors that pay a fee to keep the forum running, and we encourage you to support these businesses. Habitual mention of non-sponsored businesses may be considered unauthorized advertising.

    Please do not use the forums as a classifieds section. There is an online garage sale section and a Mom Cycle section. Please read the rules in those sections. Feel free to include a short link in your signature to your classified ad.

    All images combined must be 600 X 250 pixels or smaller

    Signatures can have up to 4 lines of text or spacing. Please keep the text size to no larger than font size 2. No offensive links, pictures or language. Please do not put anything offensive in your avatar. Tickers are allowed in your signature. Please keep them small and no more than two across and two high. If they alter the view of the page please edit them to fit.


    To include information regarding your business in your signature please follow these guidelines:

    If you are a current PAID advertiser you may have an icon or animated link in your signature and you may also include 2 lines of text to share any details about your business. For information on becoming a paid advertiser, email

    If you are NOT a current PAID advertiser then you may include a link only in your signature. There may be no description and it will be in the default text and size. You may not include icons or animated banner ads in your signature.

    Signatures and avatars that do not follow these guidelines will be removed by Admin or Super Moderators without warning. If you find your signature is missing, assume it was one of the above reasons and try again.

    Banning Procedures

    In the event that a member breaks the rules and a ban becomes necessary we will do so using the following procedures.

    Whenever possible a warning will be issued first unless the action is deemed to require an immediate ban.

    First offence - member will be banned for 7 days
    Second offence - member will be banned for 30 days
    Third offence - member will be banned for 6 months
    Fourth offence - member will be banned indefinately

    There will be times that a members actions are considered so out of line that we feel a longer or indefinate ban is required right away. No one moderator/admin will have the authority to ban any member (other than a spammer). The ban will not be undertaken until a minimum of three supermods/admin have discussed the issue and at least two agree that the ban is warranted.

    Anonymous Posting

    This site offers members the ability to post anonymously. Please read the rules related to anonymous posting in that section prior to using this feature. Your use of this feature constitutes your acceptance of these rules.
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